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French Medical dictionary and glossary online, english translation.

You will find on this page a French medical dictionary and glossary.

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Masson Medical Dictionary 

The Masson Médical Dictionary does not work anymore  :-(

Other French medical dictionaries

Neurology dictionary of the University of Rennes

Biology dictonary ( Sciences on line ) alphabetical Research, no search engine.

Biochemistry dictionary ( Laval University ) alphabetical Research, no search engine.

Veterinary dictionary of Bacteriology

Cancer French medical dictionary (cancers of A to Z) alphabetical Research, no search engine.

Medical lexicon with explanations on the prefixes and suffixes, many definite abbreviations ( Ressy ) alphabetical Research, no search engine.

You can also consult this excellent page : http://www.interfold.com/translator/medsites.htm 

Didn't  you  find what you seek?
Made a research on Honselect which contains an orthographical corrector for French terms. English version available here for english terms.

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